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The Right Kind of Help

So why us? The key is getting the right kind of help. Most business consultants will tell you it’s ‘One size fits all’! They are trying to sell you something….

So, what should you look for from a business consultant/advisor/mentor? Well, when you talk to one, you need to ask them four things.

& Answers

First, how can I tell if your programs are any good?

The Answer:All programs that we offer come with trial periods that let you decide for yourself whether they are any good and whether they will work for your business. These programs are used by hundreds of businesses in almost every category of business imaginable. Yes, they will work for your company also.

Second, will I get support for this program, or am I just going to get a box of manuals?

Answer: All our consulting programs come with support- some with 12 months of support! This support is in the form of one-on-one workshops which are tailored to meet the needs of the individual business. However, to enable wider access to the knowledge contained within our programs, we offer turnkey packaged solutions that generate results as well.

Third, who is going to support me - am I going to get someone who has successfully run businesses themselves, or am I going to just get a salesman?

Answer: All support is from someone with extensive business experience. Someone who has actually run businesses successfully and importantly has been trained in our business building system. You will be coached by someone who has faced many of the same problems that you are facing, and dealt with them personally. The advice we give is built on our own experience and our proven system, not someone else's.

And finally, do you guarantee your program?

Answer: When you select a Business Consultant, they may look great on paper. But the only way you can be certain they are right for you is to see them in action - with you! That's why all of our programs come with a trial period. Within the trial period- not only are our programs on trial - but we are too! If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the program support within our trial period, you can cancel our agreement and obtain a full refund of your investment. Of course, any bonuses you have received are yours to keep.

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Here's what's going on in the back of your mind.

  • Is this company going to rip me off?
  • Is the quality of their service as good as they say?
  • Will they deliver on the RESULTS they are promising?
  • Can it work for my company?