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We encourage you to take advantage of this oppurtunity if you fit into any of these categories:

  • You have more and more competitors popping up and eating your market share... and making it hard to distinguish your business from the competition
  • You're a small business and don't have the budget to compete with the big boys... but you know that you're good at what you do.
  • You've never done much marketing before... and you need to implement some kind of marketing plan
  • You're getting killed on price by competitors you are selling low-quality stuff... but the customer can't tell the difference until it's too late.
  • You’re spending a ton of money on advertising and marketing, but don’t seem to be getting much bang for the buck.
  • You’re a start-up business trying to figure out how to get up-to-speed and become profitable as soon as possible.

You Can Make a Fortune From Your Marketing!

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21 Reasons Why 80% of All Businesses Fail

We encourage you to take advantage of this oppurtunity if you fit into any of these categories:

Marketing is more important than it ever has been. In this economic climate, getting the tools that will get the job done is essential. We are finding that this is exactly what businesses need. Missing this information is not an option. Take the time, make the time and you will get the results. P.S. There's another special offer on the next page.
  • "Marketing Message Instantly Improved my Marketing Efforts!"

    "The marketing coaches with Odin's TEAM have provided me reallife practical advice on their proven results-based marketing system. I am not a marketer by nature... however they now have me motivated and excited about making 'Sales & Marketing' a daily routine.

    The powerful marketing message they developed - "If you don't have a receptionist... you ARE a receptionist!" instantly improved my marketing efforts. I am extremely impressed with the results and recommend their services highly!"
    Diana Gray - Author of 'The Complete Canadian Small Business Guide' Owner/Manager, Central Park Business Centre
  • "Mortgage Broker Nets 400% Return Through Coaching."

    "Initially I was skeptical about hiring a coach to assist in my strategic marketing direction. To my amazement the FIRST marketing campaign cost $400 and netted my company $27,245.00! Basically my investment the first 14 days of meeting them.
    Knowing what I know now… I wouldn’t let them leave my office without accepting me as a client."
    Monica McLeod | Westhills Mortgage

No Cost to you Marketing Bootcamp

When implemented correctly, this stuff works! Business is easy, it is people that make it difficult and complicated.