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A Story… On a drizzly, cold and stormy night in 1908, a young reporter was asked to the mansion of America’s first billionaire, Andrew Carnegie. They sat in front of a immaculate stone-face fireplace while the youthful, ambitious reporter, at the time writing on behalf of an unknown, obscure, magazine quizzed Carnegie about what he would perceive life’s ‘principles of success’ to be. The old billionaire was somewhat impressed by the earnest young lad, and suddenly offered him this remarkable proposition:

"Mr. Hill, on your behalf I will use my considerable influence to arrange opportunities for you to personally spend time with 500 of the greatest accomplishers of our time. They will include fellow industrialists, entrepreneurs, inventors, merchants, statesmen, artists, and many others. You will have as much time as you need to interview,

learn from and observe them. Your objective will be to validate the belief that success is a matter of an ideology, of universal laws, which can be enumerated, learned and then simply duplicated and used as skills to deliver predictable results, just as you might learn the laws and process of making steel. Your goal will be the publication of a 'success encyclopedia' spelling out the laws. Whatever the financial rewards arise from that are yours. You have just 60 seconds to accept or reject this offer"…

He opened his pocket watch, held it up, and waited. Napoleon Hill said "Yes", with a second to spare. For those that do not know… 20 years later Napoleon Hill completed the encyclopedia ‘Laws of Success’ which was later condensed to ‘Think and Grown Rich’ the iconic best selling business book of all time with over 30 million copies sold and still a best seller over70 years later.

Our coaches are some of the luckiest people alive. Similar to Napoleon Hill they have carved a career that allows them the profound pleasure to interview, conference and brainstorm with successful small business owners as well as learn from some of the cleverest marketing minds available today. Subsequently the clients we choose leverage off ‘The Laws of Success’. To be 100% frank, if you are not in a position to benefit from our advice, system and guidance, we do not invite you to try them.

Our TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) consists of recognized business leaders with high energy and the ability to develop proven marketing roadmaps for business owners in almost every category of business imaginable. Our system, when implemented correctly, has demonstrated a proven ability to unearth opportunities, overlooked profits and powerful marketing initiatives that operate concurrently in the interest of a profitable result for business owners, professional salespeople and entrepreneurs that apply them. These systems have worked with large corporations, small business owners and sales professionals with the same result... More Business Profits!

You will complete this mission by documenting the beliefs and behaviors all these great men and women share in common. No remuneration shall be paid to you by myself. You must support yourself while working on this project.

If Marketing Were a State,
CMT Would be the
Foreign Affairs Department.

The Canadian Marketing Team

Our Team is a group of marketing professional who have corporate backgrounds and are leaders in the new generation of personal development and business philosophy practices. Our team breathes the strategies and tools we implemented with success, spanning twenty years with many clients coached & consulted, that have been directed to success via influential ‘business cycles’ through their auspices. The team have an engaging manner for recognizing and manufacturing easy-to-follow, high-income generating processes from the ‘corporate-world’ and providing them easily, inexpensively and powerfully to the unique cycle of small business.

Their techniques are rich and practical, and their style of providing abundant growth through personal and business ‘re-education’, dynamic and highly engaging.
  • "Marketing Message Instantly Improved my Marketing Efforts!"

    "The marketing coaches and team have provided me reallife practical advice on their proven results-based marketing system. I am not a marketer by nature... however they now have me motivated and excited about making 'Sales & Marketing' a daily routine.

    The powerful marketing message they developed - "If you don't have a receptionist... you ARE a receptionist!" instantly improved my marketing efforts. I am extremely impressed with the results and recommend their services highly!"
    Diana Gray - Author of 'The Complete Canadian Small Business Guide' Owner/Manager, Central Park Business Centre
  • "Mortgage Broker Nets 400% Return Through Coaching."

    "Initially I was skeptical about hiring a coach to assist in my strategic marketing direction. To my amazement the FIRST marketing campaign cost $400 and netted my company $27,245.00! Basically my investment the first 14 days of meeting them.
    Knowing what I know now… I wouldn’t let them leave my office without accepting me as a client."
    Monica McLeod | Westhills Mortgage

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